Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So yesterday I shared some lessons I'm learning. I think I'd like a ReDo. Okay with you?

So Today I've learned/realized that I need to be less freakoutish. I mean this. I'm incredibly hard on myself sometimes. I've really been enjoying reading some blogs as previously mentioned that have to do with home organization and living simply. That's my goal and dream. It shouldn't be my god/idol. God drove this home to me last night in a rather hilarious way. I try so hard to have our home be a place that my husband enjoys coming home to. The smell of fresh baked bread may help him overlook the dusting and dirty bathroom that need attention, in my mind anyway. I've been rather convicted about my pile of papers and my lack of an organized place for everything. But yesterday I put this all aside to drag out my scrapbooking because it kind of hit me that I really should have more than one page done in Levi's book before Baby #2 arrives. Then maybe I won't confuse their ultrasounds either. So I spent some time organizing my things last night and worked on a few pages. And my dear husband, who is not quick to notice things or give compliments for my attempts at cleaning (which always vindicates me when I don't want to do it, he doesn't notice anyway!) :) says the following "That's really cool/good that you're working on the photos and scrapbook. Thanks for doing that."
HA! So for all my futile attempts at having a "star" home, what does my husband appreciate? That I'm keeping memories of our family. Yep, priorities.

And today as Levi refused a morning nap and generally was being a bit chaotic, I had to take a deep breath and go, "really? does it matter if that paper pile gets taken care of?" Because really, as long as the bills get paid, my son and husband are coming first.

Plus Grandma and Grandpa are coming this weekend, free baby-sitting equals clean desk! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Some lessons I'm learning right now:

~God's Faithfullness is AMAZING!! Just so you know, this baby is a huge blessing and just a miracle.

~My son has discovered his tongue...He's been clicking it for weeks but now doing awesome things with it. It's pretty stinkin' funny.

~Drinking Coke every morning is not going to help me not gain a million pounds with this baby. But oh how it makes my tummy feel better. Right now, none in the house and I'm going to try to keep it that way.

~Every pregnancy is different but some scary similarities too. This one seems more extreme sickness wise.

~If God wants us to have a girl, I need to start preparing my heart NOW for that.
(Just to clarify, a girl would be awesome, but we think it would be fun to have 2 boys first, especially since they'll be so close. And frankly, girls scare me.)

~That I need to control my tears and hormones even though they are abundant and treacherous. That lady who brought me to tears in Wal-Mart? Should have ignored her and just thought of joyful things...

~God is upholding me every day.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Levi needs to tell you...

Yep, It's True!! Baby Preston #2 Due to make an appearance June 12, 2011!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Levi - 10 Months

My how time flies when you're having fun. And I can truely say that. Levi, you're fun!!

You were 10 months old on October 18th. You are such a big boy!! You're probably around 18 pounds, and you have 7 teeth but you're working on at least one more. You wear 6-9 month and 9 month clothes. You are wearing size 3 diapers and size 2-3 shoes.

You need shoes now! You're not walking but you're still army crawling, a little bit of regular crawling, getting into a sitting position by yourself, pulling up on stuff, even just sitting on your knees and balancing that way. You love to pull up and stand by things, even letting go at times. You get scared when you get unbalanced though! You sure want to walk!! I think it'll be by the time you're 1! You just love to be where we are and will get yourself there if we leave you "behind". You're forehead is forever sporting bruises and scrapes from your many attempts to get yourself up where you want to be and the falls that result.

When your Daddy gets home from work you love to follow him into the bedroom and talk to him. You're sure a jabberer! I'm sure I have no idea where you get that from. :) You're sort of figuring out that Da means Daddy. No Momma yet though. You know what the word Puppy means and always look for Dexter when we say it. You know the ASL signs for water and no very well!! You don't like the no one so much. If we say yes and nod our heads you get a silly grin and shake your head no at us. It's pretty funny!

You've definitely got our stubborn streaks!! You can get pretty mad when something is taken away or you're told "no". But overall, you're such a good boy!! You're pretty happy and take 2 good naps a day when Momma lets you. :) You love going to the "Y" and playing in child watch. I always get told what a good boy you are when I pick you up. You love to watch everything that's going on and all the other kids, no matter where we are. You really should have been the baby after 4 other kids, because you're so laid back and love to just watch and learn. But I'm sure God has a plan for that personality!

You love to go on walks in your stroller and you love to holler at stuff as we go by. You love your pupppy and would love it if he'd sit still and let you pull his ears! You love your Momma and Daddy and are slowly getting a bit better about being only a "Momma's Boy". I'm thankful for that! I love to share you and your smiles! You can wave at people and are always ready with a smile!

You are a joy to our hearts and we love you so much! It's so much fun to see your personality and to interact with you. It's so great how you love being around people and how you watch and observe. We pray so much for you and that you'll accept Christ as your Savior and live to glorify God forever. We love you Levi, you are our firstborn and our boy. Even if you are a "Crazy Baby!" :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Blog?

I do enjoy reading other's blogs. I especially like reading people's that I don't know. Because frankly, then I don't have to be polite and agree or like everything. I can just learn, laugh, enjoy, and leave when I want. A blog that I'm reading now is pretty interesting. The gal is very much more minimalist living. Not too much stuff, just the things that add to our lives, not take away. So that paper pile on my desk? Not so good... She's all about simplifing so you have a home that you enjoy. Which in theory I agree with. Except for those people that becoming simplified takes away from their lives. I know someone who literally said one time, "I can't go do that, I need to organize my closet." Now, I really think that keeping an orderly home is important. I am so far from mastering this that it's not funny, but in general, I'm learning and trying. But I do think that people and our relationships are so much more important than our homes. Now, if my home is a disaster 24/7, and I can't invite people into my home, then my home is a deterrant to my relationships. But above all, people over things. So if I need to dust but someone wants to get coffee, that person comes first.

All this as background to the fact that this gal who's blog I've been reading has just written an e-book all about blogging and how to do it time-efficiently, while making money, from home. Somewhere deep in my heart I'd love to read and follow this book. But then I'd have to buy it ($8 for a book just doesn't fit in our budget lately) and then I'd have to feel guilty for not following it after I read it. I'm not a great one at reading self-help/self-do books. I get bogged down in the details too often and then feel guilty for not accomplishing anything.

So blogging, while I'd love to have a wonderfully interesting blog that hundreds of people read and love to follow that also pays me well, I doubt it will ever happen. I feel as though our life isn't that bloggable, and frankly, I don't know if I care enough to keep it up. I don't blog everyday, because really, I don't share every detail of my life with everyone. I used to love to debate people. Didn't matter the topic, if we could debate it, let's go. Oh, how I've changed. Now, especially being a Momma, I'd be blogging about things like flu shots, vaccines, anti-biotics, going to the gym, being a stay-at-home Momma even when finances say I shouldn't, among other topics. I know from previous experience that all of these topics can start huge debates, especially the vaccines/anti-biotics issue. And you know what? I don't want to debate. I want to trust that most people are praying and seeking God's will in their lives and in their family's life. So if they come to a different conclusion then us, so be it. Let's not divide the few and precious friendships we have by pushing each other away with our opinions. Now, when it comes to Biblical issues that the Bible is very clear on, like Homosexuality and respecting our husbands, I will debate, because I think a clear right and wrong is there. But again, I'm not trying to push others away, but some things are worth standing up for. Like the truth of God's word.

So, I'm keeping my blog simple. Maybe if I garner $8 I'll invest in the e-book and keep my guilt complex in check. And maybe, I'll gather a few more readers to this simple blog. But if I'm going to do that, I need to learn to keep it shorter. Better work on that.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Made It

Andrew has been canoeing and camping the last 24+ hours with a friend. It was supposed to be all weekend but they just went yesterday afternoon until this evening because of some things. They were supposed to tent it. Until one of them forgot to put the tent in the canoe. So they picnic-tabled it. Sleeping on top to keep off the cool ground. Thankfully they had warm sleeping bags. Since it wasn't me I laughed. They seemed to enjoy the adventure of it. Again, glad it wasn't me.

So we at home had our own adventure. I've spent some time away from Andrew since our marriage. And plenty of time in the hospital without him when Levi was born and had pneumonia. But I don't think I'd been home alone since the baby without him before. For whatever reason it creeped me out and made me sad. But I got some prayers and some sleep (had to turn the furnace on though, nobody to warm my toes!) and it was fine. But boy were we glad he was home! The dog literally did somersaults and Levi laughed. Me, I'm just thankful he's fine, had fun, and that I have a warm body to snuggle with again.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nope, I don't know you

Two recent trips to the grocery store produced (ha, punny) the following encounters:
1st encounter:
Me, wheeling through the store in a quick hurry...
Older lady, but not too old to be cute enough...chasing after me to get a peek at Levi, who is sitting in his seat, sound asleep, in the bottom of the cart, trying to avoid total strangers.
Older lady: "Your daughter sure is cute, let me see her."
Me (with strained smile on my face) "He's actually a boy and I'm in a hurry."
Older Lady: "Oh, well he looks like a girl."

Thank You, next time I'll remember not to dress him in pink and not put a bow in his hair, oh wait... :)

2nd Encounter:
Me, with a list of things to do on a slightly hectic day, again, pushing Levi through the grocery store. This time, with a bottle in his mouth because poor child, he was starving.
About 60 year old lady as she approaches with a very nasty look on her face: "Are you really that busy?"
Me: "Excuse me?"
Lady frowns at bottle and stalks off...
I can only imagine that she assumed I should be at home with my child held closely as I don't dare feed him an inferior bottle. Well, I wasn't, nor will I always be. And frankly, Levi loves bottles and I love accomplishing things that have to be done, like buying food to feed us.

I'm not really as crabby as I sound. I actually thought the 2nd encounter rather hilarious, mostly because it was the first time I had ever fed Levi a bottle in a shopping cart. Oh well, can't win them all.

What I can do is remember that everyone's life is different and everyone's perspective is different. So give everyone a little slack, even the bottle-hating lady. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I don't normally watch "The View" I admire 2 of the co-hosts for sticking it out having multiple frustrating discussions with others who are not just unreasonably liberal, but unreasonable period. I don't hate liberal people. I'm fairly liberal on a few things in my life. I hate being put in a box that says "Republican" or "Conservative". Rather I'd like my thinking and such to be labeled "Biblical". Anyway, the reason I don't respect these other co-hosts is their refusal to contemplate that someone in their political party could possibly be wrong or that there are other ideas and beliefs out there that are in fact, not stupid and right. That faith is not a crutch, but a good thing. And no matter who I agree with, I hate watching usually just because it's such a hen fest of bickering and whining and women being not so Biblical in their ungraciousness and gossipness.
All this to say that I watched it this morning because Bill O'Reilly was scheduled to be on, and while I don't agree with everything Bill O'Reilly says, I really respect him for standing up for what he believes and making calls that a lot of people are too cowardly to make. Plus it's always great fun to see him vex a few of the co-hosts. :)

Today was no exception. You could tell from the one's face almost immediately, even just as they were announcing him, how ticked off she was that they even dared have him as a guest. It went downhill from there. The 2 co-hosts spent most of the time sitting in contempt and disagreeing with every syllable that came out of his mouth. Which is fine, if it's done in a polite and orderly manner. It wasn't. The culmination came when Bill made a fairly vague statement that just made these co-hosts irate and they walked off the stage. One didn't look like she had the guts until the other one did. I have to respect Barbara Walters a lot though. She doesn't always do a good job of hiding her political affiliation, although I believe she tries. But on this occasion, she called them out. She apologized and said they should be able to sit there and have a civil conversation discussing the issues no matter what, and be able to without ridding your hands of someone and leaving the stage. The co-hosts eventually came back, although still with much contempt. And I got to thinking about this.

Not only about how immature these women, one a grandmother, the other old enough to be, acted, but about Barbara's point. No matter the person, no matter their differing views, we need to be able to respect, and dare I say Love them with the love of Christ, enough to have a civil conversation with them. Now, there are always exceptions to this, such as when that person is acting unreasonably and histerical, for example. But then I took it personally. How often do I, when discussing a hard topic with my husband, just get disgusted or discouraged and give up? I may not literally walk away, but I close myself off because either it hurts to much, or it's too hard to make it work. We may not even be disagreeing, but perhaps the topic or issue itself is too hard to think about or make work. So I give up.

So my lesson? My husband is deserving of respect no matter what, and I should never just walk away from him or close off. I need to work on this.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Musings of the Day

I have toys scattered all over my floor. My son is finally old enough to leave his own evidence of his existence and to do so quite handily at that. I have dishes drying in the rack and more waiting to be washed. I have clothes waiting to get dryed and I hate to think of the more I have to wash. I have dust and cobwebs needing attention. And yet, I have so much! Today as some Mommas got together and shared prayer requests, I have so little that needs attention. People have lost parents, have husbands traveling leaving them at home for multiple days with multiple children. People are facing financial losses that were unexpected, children waiting for them in other countries while they wait on our government. There are sorrows galore, as well as laughter. And my requests? For my son to stop coughing (but his ear is all better!! Thank you Jesus!) and my husband to do well on something. While important to us, not earth shattering.

Now, I firmly believe in sharing ALL of our burdens and not just big things. Jesus cares about Levi's sniffles as much as someone's pneumonia. He cares about our little tasks and the doings of world leaders. So no burden is to small to carry to Him.

That being said, I admit to a bit of frustration. As I read about a person and all the things they were buying or desiring, my heart just aches. Because slowly and surely, Andrew and I are getting it. Perhaps it's just our lack of finances, but there is SO much more to this life than things. And frankly, I'd love to downsize and live smaller. Because here's the honest truth, God doesn't care. He doesn't care if my home is decorated well or has new carpet or the latest fashions.
He cares if I've fed the sick and needy and if I've shared His love and salvation with everyone I know.

So my laundry? Yes, it'll get done, but only after I've rechecked my heart and considered my motivation in all I do.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Of Diapers and Papers...

Levi's had an ear infection for several weeks now. We're on a stronger antibiotic which is causing some fun diaper issues. So for now we're letting our FuzziBunz have a break and using some good 'ole disposables. So I'm digging through the massive paper pile on my desk searching for coupons. I HATE buying diapers but I'm incredibly thankful for the option to just throw out the mess. It also convicts me to clean this huge paper pile. But it seems that as soon as I do, more things just show up. Recycler I'm not apparently. Considering my dad works for a paper mill, perhaps I'm just keeping him employed.

In other news, it's supposed to be 82 degrees here in this great Northern state today. I'm a little depressed. Once it gets cold, I'm all geared up for Fall. And now, suddenly, it's Summer again. I'm a little frustrated with the Bi-Polar weather. I know, I'm the only one. Maybe I'll hang some clothes on the line in thanks for the weather. That oughta brighten the day as I dry my sweaters and sweatshirts outside. Ugh, there's something wrong with this picture.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Levi - 9 Months

Levi, you were 9 months old on September 18th! You're such a big boy! You weigh 17 pounds 3 ounces and are 27 inches long/tall! You are in the 10 percentile for weight and height, but the 50th for head size. That's funnny to us. You don't look like you have a huge head! :) You've had a cold for 2 weeks and so you didn't get any shots at your checkup. You have your first ear infection and are showing signs of being just like your Momma. The first antibiotic didn't help at all so hopefully the second will. Momma had lots of meds and tubes in her ears so we're praying you're not like that.

You're on the move! You can army crawl your way anywhere you want to get, as well as roll and scoot. You've just figured out how to get back into a sitting position from your belly. Very exciting stuff! You like to stand on the couch leaning on the back looking out the window. You've figured out you have to hold on but haven't quite mastered pulling yourself up.

You've developed such a funny personality! You jabber and talk and growl all day long! You figured out how to click your tongue and love it when someone does it back at you. You're also showing your sinful side and throwing yourself back when you don't like the person holding you or what they're telling you. You definitely know what "NO" means and don't like it! But you know how to obey too!

You're so big! You're wearing 6-9 months and 9 month clothes. We attempt to keep socks on you now that it's chilly but you love to pull them off!
You still nap pretty well, and take a morning nap usually now, but you don't always sleep so hot at night. You've done a lot of crying it out lately because you just throw fits if we come in to quiet you down because you want to just be picked up. So you're learning to put yourself back to sleep.

You love to swing!! You're a boy who loves to move apparently! We have a swing for you and you love the park too. You still love your puppy to death and sometimes try to get his bones and toys and then you guys tug them back and forth. Dexter's very gentle with you but still doesn't like you pulling on him. :( You're learning to pet the puppy nice...

Levi, we love you so much and have so much fun with you! You are still a bit of a Momma's boy and reach for me now! That's cute but can't happen all the time, got it? You say Da-Da all the time but don't always know what it means! You can wave hi and bye though!! Your whole arm waves which is funny. You're such a people person! You can be such a crabby boy but then get around people and you're all smiles. You're in general a very happy boy and we're so thankful for your sweet temperment. You're learning to play by yourself on the floor and have fun rolling around and crawling and talking to your toys.

We love you Levi and are so excited for what the future brings with you!