Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bits of New Stuff

With Blogspot going Google I thought about changing my background for a change to go with it. But I can't quite do it yet. Maybe by tomorrow I'll feel ready but for today, I feel like the harbor still fits my/our life. It's a new thing saying Our instead of my. Granted it is still my blog, but me doesn't exist independant of anyone or anything anymore. I'm a Mrs. , I belong to someone. Anything that is mine is also Andy's. Anyway, rabbit trail. There are enough changes and new things in our lives to chill out about changing the background of my blog.

We just got back from 2 days up North with my family. We got to see Jenn and her girls and Christi and Brent and their daughters. Christi and Brent are expecting twins in July/August which means they will have 4 kids under age 4. She'll be busy! We also saw my grandparents and uncle and aunt while we were up north.

We stopped by my brother and sister-in-law's on the way home to see my brand new nephew! His name is David Albert and he's now 10 days old. He's a cutie! It's been said he looks like me, but I think he looks a lot like his dad. It's soooo neat to have a new nephew. And of course we think he's adorable.

Baby David and his Aunt Beth. I got him to open his eyes under much protest. He has the cutest blonde hair and for now has blue eyes.

Andy is still getting used to holding babies. David sure thought he was nice though. He didn't cry for Andy at all. He must like his uncle!

I'm still trying to figure out again how to post pictures well. I get as far as it loading them, and then nothing...I can do the smaller ones, but not the bigger ones, we'll work on it.

As far as other new stuff, not much too report at the moment. I'm really liking my new job for a popular coffee chain. I guess it's not too new, it's been 2 months, but I definitely like it a lot. We're headed down to Andy's parents in two weeks then back up North 3 weeks after that. My mom's side of the family from Alabama should be there then, which means I'll finally meet my cousin's little girl even though she's already a year old.

Even though it's February, my least favorite month of the year because it feels like it lasts forever, Andy and I realized that we had been married 8 months today. We both worked so we didn't celebrate but it felt nice to say "Happy Anniversary" and kiss my husband. He's the stability in my life. It's the greatest feeling to know that no matter what changes in life, he's my best friend and he'll always be there with me to experience the changes with me. So for now we're still on a journey of trust. God is still our safe harbor but now, we're sailing together. So I'm off to cuddle on the couch until bed time. There are advantages to just being uncle and aunt right now. I don't have to share my husband just yet.