Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Wanna Go...

While looking at Mary Lisa's picture of the mountains, I couldn't help but pray "Okay Lord, let's go!".

I've always had the heart of an adventurer. I don't so much have the personality for it, but in my heart of hearts if God had not allowed me to love and marry Andrew, I'd like to think I'd be sitting in a cafe in Italy right now. Or perhaps trudging through the Rockies, or walking through Greece, or even just strolling along Navy Pier at Lake Michigan. Which in reality, I'd be working my butt off at each of these places just to afford being there. Or perhaps I'd be ministering to the sick and needy. I'm not real particular, I just like to hope that I'd have seen a bit of the world.

I wouldn't trade my life for that though. Not in a heartbeat. I love too deeply to wish for that. I'm married to my best friend and favorite person and I simply adore my boy.

But that doesn't mean there's not room for a little adventure. When I was pregnant I had sort of resigned myself to living here for the rest of our lives and just striving to impact this community.
Now, due to some circumstances, I am able to dream again. I see us being free to take a job anywhere and just going. God is that big to me right now. Levi doesn't add that much more stuff or money, he wouldn't remember anyway. So let's dream shall we?
And Baby, let's go!