Thursday, September 28, 2006

Showers, Family, & Food

So over last weekend Andy and I went to see his parents and sister. His parents had a open house reception for us while we were there since so many people there couldn't come to the wedding. They had a "grocery shower" for us so that was a huge blessing. We got sent home with tons of food! For poor newlyweds this has boosted our grocery supply by lots. Although our kitchen counter is still covered with food yet to be put away.

We had a great weekend with the family. We went to the famous Falls Park where I finally got to go up in the observation tower and see the whole park from way up. Took some neat pictures. It was rainy Thursday-Saturday so that was kind of a bummer admittadly. We did some Shopping on Friday, hit Sam's Club and TJ Maxx where Andy finally got a nice fall coat. I actually found some Jeans that fit at Sam's Club and JCPenney so that was exciting. We also spent some time with Andy's friends Tom & Ryan and Ryan's wife Christine. They were all involved in our wedding, and we hadn't seen them since so this was good to see them.

On Saturday we got to go hear Astronaut Mike Fossum speak. He went up in the shuttle this last July. The one that launched on July 4th actually. It was really neat to see all his video and pictures and to hear him tell of seeing space which he did refer to as God's awesome creation so that was especially cool. One little boy asked him when he could go up in space. It was cute! We also played some Scrabble with the family, who I all trounced just for the record. Andy was catching up and would have one except he put down "Froze" for about 30 points because of the z and where it was at, which enabled me to use my Q and U and put down "Quizes" for about 52 points which one me the game. Sorry Babe. :-) I was proud of how well he played though.

Sunday we went to Andy's parents church where Pastor Merv preached a great sermon. Sunday we also went for a 16 mile bike ride with Andy's Dad, sister Janelle, and friend Tom. We were supposed to make the full 25 mile loop but Tom was a little worn out and slow :-) and so it was just 16 miles. It was fun though! We finally managed to get all our stuff packed into the truck and made the long trip back home. And it was a loooonnnggg trip. I don't know when I've been so glad to get out of a vehicle before. Blech. Anyway, we unpacked, covered the counter in groceries and went to bed. And the groceries are still sitting there. It was a fun weekend though, nice to have 2 extra days off work and really good to see Andy's family. Enjoy the bazillion pictures that follow. :-)

This is a random bug that found it's way into our apartment onto our curtains. I wanted to kill it but Andy insisted we put it outside. So when a second one appeared again on the curtains I killed it before Andy could stop me. I personally think it was the first one coming back again but I've been told that it was slightly different from the first. Andy though they were cool 'cause they look like they're supposed to blend in with tree bark. I thought they were cool 'cause I killed it and it has blue gooey stuff come out. I wanted to see if it glowed in the dark but Andy wouldn't let me. :-) We're had all manner of bugs in our apartment now, these strange ones, 3 centipedes so far, which for the record are incredibly nasty and freaky looking especially when you're about to step into the shower and there is one in the tub, as well as some other unidentified bugs. I think the landlord needs to get an exterminator. Blech...I now officially don't like bugs.

The pretty and yummy cake at the reception.

These are pictures from the wedding reception. I thought it was cool that Andy's mom got Gerber Daisies for the tables. That's what our wedding flowers were and they're still gorgeous flowers!

I made Andy and his sister Janelle pose for a picture. I tried to get Andy to put his arm around Janelle and he wouldn't! Silly brothers!

Pretty Gerber Daisies!

<---This is Andy's Dad when we were playing Scrabble. Below is his sister Janelle with their dog Buffy asleep on Andy's mom's lap in the background. :-)

These are pictures from Beautiful Falls Park. It was raining slightly but it stilled looked pretty from the observation tower. The building down below here is an old building they have redone into a restaurant. Hopefully we'll get to eat there sometime.

<--- This is Andy with his parents standing on the observation deck. The falls are to the left. My sweety and I by the falls. He's cute!

And last but not least, Our counter after we got home filled with groceries. Thank You to everyone who "showered" us with the blessing of free food. We can't thank you enough! THANK YOU!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One Big Fish & One Cold Woman

This is my husband Andy, who from the looks of it is apparently part human and part monkey.

So lately it's been a bit chilly here, which I love because out come the long-sleeved t-shirts and hoodies. And with the colder weather I actually shocked myself by wearing nylons with my skirt on Sunday. I almost promised after so many days of nylons at Pilly that I wouldn't wear them ever again. But we were running late and I didn't have time to think of other options. I will say that I'm vindicated by the fact that I haven't wore a skirt every Sunday to church. I know, all of you at Pilly are now aghast in either horror or jealousy. Anyway, that's a rabbit trail. So anyway, the point is that until today it's been rather chilly out, which explains why in these pictures I'm wearing so many layers. We went out to this old homestead place and walked around on Friday and then we went fishing on a local lake. First off I managed to lost my hook and lure by getting my line caught on the pier and then snapping the line, all within two seconds of getting there. Don't ask, I don't know what happened. So then when Andy got my line back in order I cast and I caught a 13 inch smallmouth bass. Yes I'm proud of it, yes I threw it back, and yes I would rather have eaten it. Andy's still learning to fillet fish so we're releasing them for the time being. Anyway, that was about all we caught so after an hour I was cold and hungry and ready to call it quits, so we did. It was fun though, I like catching big fish.

It's gotten warmer out today and tomorrow it's supposed to be back in the high 70s low 80s. I like the cold better. Oh well. There's not too much else to report other than we had our first Sunday School class on Sunday and I didn't die, but I'm definitely in over my head and my 1st grade kids are definitely a handfull. They are fun though. I had my first ladies' Bible study last night as well, I think it will be a really good study. We're going to be studying Jerry Bridges book "The Pursuit of Holiness". I've read it before, and it's really good. Our first AWANA club of the year is tomorrow evening, so as you can see, our weeks are going to get busier. Next week we're headed down to Andy's parents for a wedding reception for us with all those who couldn't make it to the wedding. We're staying the weekend so I think it will be a good time. I have a cousin getting married the first Saturday in October so we're going up to that. I'm supposed to serve punch I believe. Hopefully most of it ends up in people's cups and not on me or them. So that's about it for now. I'm working on a Pros to marriage list to post sometime soon. I figure there are enough people out there complaining about their marriages that I should point out the many many wonderful sides of being married. I love being married and that's not just because I'm a "newlywed". I just figure it's a conscience decision that you have to make and decide somewhere early on or before you get married. Marriage is hard enough as it it without complaining about it and tearing each other down all the time. So I figure it's time I point out many reasons that I love being married. I'm sure others have done this, but I'm compiling my own personal list.
So that's about it for now, Hopefully I'll have that ready soon. I'll probably have more pictures to post after we go down to Andy's parents. Take care and prepare for the snow! I know I'm excited. I love Fall and Winter. :-)

This would be a very angled picture of me on the couch taken by my goofy husband. He makes me laugh every day.

This is me peaking from on the couch. We were watching the Twins and I was reading. Andy was obviously playing with the camera.