Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Rehearsal, Finals, and the Lord's Goodness

Dress rehearsal for the spring play is tonight. I'm definitely slightly nervous. My accent has me worried that it won't pull through. I just keep reminding myself to be trusting the Lord.
This is short and sweet because I have a busy day but I wanted to update a little bit.

2 more weeks left until finals. It's hard to believe summer is almost here. Granted I'll be taking post-term classes, but still, it's so soon.
I'm not sure where I'll be this summer, but the Lord will guide.

I've been so reminded of the Lord's faithfullness and goodness the last week. I had a wonderful weekend in Alexandria and came back to school so exicited and just thanking the Lord for being so good. Now, to keep my focus on Him and wait patiently is the task at hand.

But I better be off, have a great week and remember the Lord's timing is perfect.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

¿Porque No?

Well, full runs of the spring play are in progress here at school. We started them last evening and it was interesting to say the least. Considering I'm only in 2 scenes it shouldn't be such a big deal, but the one scene is towards the beginning of the play, and the other one is the very last scene. So I'm there for the whole thing. Ah well. The only other glitch on my part right now is the fact that I'm a Hispanic girl, so I'm supposed to have an accent. This would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that I have never ever been able to roll my rrrrrs. The Spanish teacher here at school has been helping me, and we're making some progress, but I'll certainly never be mistaken for a native to the Spanish language. Oh well. Just for your information, the subject of this post is apparently the basic translation of "Why Not?" Which is one of my lines in the play. Apparently in Spanish it says "Because No?" Don't ask me, I just trust the Spanish teacher.

On another note, I did get my doctrine's paper back, and while it was nowhere near the grade I wanted, comparatively it wasn't so bad. I didn't meet my standards, but compared to most of the class it was a good grade. So I guess I'll take it and learn from it.

On yet another note, there are only 4 and a half weeks left of the regular semester. It doesn't seem possible. It seems like longer until you start thinking about how many weekends that is. Not very many that's for sure. Since I'm staying for post-term classes, I have 6 and a half weeks left, but still, that's not very long. It's hard to imagine where the semester has gone. Kind of scary actually.