Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Fairy Tale of a Night

A magical night, my Prince Charming at my side, what more could a girl ask for? I certainly felt like a princess with my prince last night at the Valentine Formal, regardless of the fact that color crayons were included on every table. I think we make a pretty good looking couple, 'course that's all to the cute man's credit. Posted by Picasa


The saying goes that you learn something new everyday...
Well, I've figured out I can post pictures to my blog, now I just have to figure out how I'm doing it.
So until I've got it perfected, enjoy the random pictures that show up.
Isn't this the most handsome man ever? :-)

Roses, Roses, Roses Everywhere

I do realize that Valentine's Day is still to come, falling on next Tuesday to be exact, but since Andy and I never have the chance to see each other on Tuesdays, we celebrated Thursday and Friday night. Thursday night he picked me up from work with the sweetest present waiting for me and took me out to supper. We had a wonderful time and then came back to campus and caught the end of the basketball game, which Pillsbury won.
Friday we had marriage counseling and we registered for wedding gifts at Target, although we're not done amazes me how long it can take to do something like that.
Last night was also the annual Pillsbury Valentine Formal (or Banquet as they are trying to call it now). It was sooooo much fun to get dressed up in my red skirt and black top and feel beautiful for Andy. He looked pretty handsome in his suit with red shirt and red/black/silver tie as well. I did get him a rose bouteniere...spelling, whatever...and he presented me with an unexpected dozen red roses...pretty amazing guy...The picture is from the banquet by the way.
We went to this neat restaurant/old theater for the banquet and had a great time with another engaged couple. Andy left from there to go home 'cause it was much closer...and I came back to school. It looks like it will be another 3 - 5 weeks before we see each other again. It was neat last night to be together because from last night (the 10th) it was exactly 4 months until our wedding. No, I don't know how many days, I don't really keep track of the days. And today happens to also be our 8 month anniversary of being together, a "couple".
It amazes me how much has happened in the past 8 months, and how amazing God is. He knew all along who would make my perfect Valentine. I never could have dreamt of it, and it's a neat knowledge to know that no matter what hardships/struggles come into our lives, we'll be each other's Valentine until death parts us. That's one amazing plan of God.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's All Craziness

Well this week is officially nutso so this is just to say I'll post something of value at a later time.
I decided Saturday evening around 6pm to drive up to Alex to see Andy for 24 hours...not even, it was a 24 hour trip counting the 6 hours driving time. But it was so worth it. I sure love that man.
This week has mounds of homework and a pretty uhh...interesting test on Thursday. My car needs help again so that's another issue to deal with time wise, in the midst of work and the Valentine Banquet on Friday. Andy's coming down Wednesday night and staying for the Banquet on Friday. I'm excited to see him again, we have another session of counseling on Friday. The down side is it will be 3 weeks after this week until we see each other again. Right now that seems like forever.
Well, that's all for now, like I said, it's all craziness.