Saturday, May 13, 2006

4 Weeks, But Who's Counting?

4 Weeks from today I'll be getting married, well, the ceremony might actually be over. But who's really counting? I've been asked repeatedly over the last 9 months just how many days it is exactly. Unless you caught me on a day that I had looked or been told, I never really knew. I purposed in my heart to not be counting the days until it got really close, 'cause whenever I count days it just goes slower. I took this to such lengths that I never have really counted. Unless I go look, I still couldn't tell you how many days it is. I know it's four weeks, and it's less than 30 days, but otherwise. I started counting months, and when it got less than 3 months I started counting weeks, and I always said that when it was less than 60 days I'd start counting, but old habits die hard I guess. Okay, I just looked, it's officially 27 days, 23 hours, 3 minutes, and 49 seconds until the wedding starts...that's less by now of course 'cause it's 5:56 but will be later by the time I publish this.
I think I'm babbling, but my point is, I haven't been keeping track although I've been very aware of how close the wedding is. And now, that college is over and I've graduated, I'm left waiting for the wedding. And yes, I did graduate with my Associate of Science degree in Bible and Ministry. I have the Diploma to prove it. It's something I've waited a long time for, so that's good news. Anyway, School is over and now the next thing is the wedding. I was so focused on school that I think this caught me a little by surprise. So I've been settling in at home while finishing packing up stuff. I did spend last weekend at our apartment and we painted the living room and got some furniture moved around. Andy's parents went up there this weekend and brought a few more needed pieces of furniture (dresser, kitchen table, & chairs). So it's coming along. I've been trying to get out of this slump I find myself in. I think it's just the catching up on sleep and fitting back in at home while trying to get stuff done.
I'm scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out this Thursday, yeah I know, yuck. All 4 need to come out since my tops ones are coming in and my bottom ones are sideways. The next Monday is supposed to be my bridal shower in Alex. Hopefully I'm doing better by then. My church is having a shower for me on the 30th. There's a lot left to do but right now I'm seeking to remember what it's for. I miss Andy sooooo much this week. It's getting harder and harder to be apart, especially when we're so close to the wedding. It's so close yet it seems so far away. I'm so blessed by Andy, that's what I have to remember as I get discontent and stressed by stuff. We'll be married soon. Until then, I'm working on contentment and patience.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Sun in the Middle of the Storm

It's Tuesday, and for the first time in 4 days, it's not raining. The sky is clear, the sun is out in all it's glory, and the temperature is warmer than it has been in a week. Tomorrow and Thursday aren't so promising weather wise, but for today, I'll enjoy the sunshine.
I kind of feel like that is life to, right now, today, is the sunshine in the midst of the storm of finals week. Packing is going moderately okay and I definately passed my first final. But now I have projects due that I need to work on and a killer of a final tomorrow that I've been putting off studying for, and a fiance coming tomorrow night who could use some attention. Oh yes, and much cleaning to get done by Thursday afternoon. It's somewhat hard to pack boxes and decide where they go. Almost everything should go to the apartment, but I do need some stuff at home the next 5 weeks. So either Apartment or House is what things get labeled. I started labeling things apartment and home, but realized I would get confused about which one was home, so house it was.
It's officially as of 11:08 am central standard time,
39 days, 5 hours, and 52 minutes until the wedding. I said when there was like 100 or even 60 days left that I would start counting the days, but I just haven't. I've been in such a habit of not keeping track that I don't even when I can now. And it is going fast, really fast. 5 weeks from Saturday. That's amazing to me. WOW! And Andy's coming tomorrow, his mom and sister will be around Friday evening and Saturday morning, my brother and sister-in-law are coming sometime Friday night or Saturday morning, and my mom and dad are coming late Friday night. And then I graduate Saturday morning. Wow...I think I'm in shock.
Well, if it's sunny where you are, go enjoy it, and when life catches up again, I'll probably post again. Until then, it's more studying, packing, and cleaning.