Tuesday, March 14, 2006

And 1 More Makes It 100!

So technically this is my 100th blog post. Granted it's taken over a year to get here, closer to a year and half, so that's proof that I definitely did not write everyday.
So after 100 posts what do I have to say?
Not much.

Seriously, I can't pretend that I have something of great wisdom to share or some great insight into life that will enrich your day, so I'll try to stumble around and make this worth your while to read.

I have been reminded so much in the past week of this fact,
It's Not About Me, It's About HIM. And that Him is Jesus/God.
It's amazing to me how much Christ's love is my purpose for living. When my amazing fiance Andrew leaves me flowers and notes in my car at work, after driving out of the way to do so, I feel so loved and cared for. And then I wonder how much more God must love me, for He sent His son to die for me. I see my sin and am so thankful for the forgiveness I have in Jesus Christ.
And that's my challenge to you today. If you've never known that love and forgiveness that comes only from Jesus, trust Him today, repent and experience the new guiltless life in Christ.
And for those of us still walking along this path of life, seeking to trust more and more everyday.
Don't be weary my friend, this journey of trust is only the beginning.

Life is a Journey, and as I call it my journey of trust I see more and more everyday that it truly is a journey of seeking to love God more everyday and growing to be more like Christ. And I can only do that when I trust Him fully. Which I fail at so often, but God's grace is sufficient!

So as I try to make it the next 2 weeks until spring break, I have to remember, it's not about me, it's about HIM.
And I have to trust more and more everyday, for only Christ makes it worthwhile. He really is the purpose and meaning for life.

So happy 100 posts, I hope they've been worthwhile, but most of all, I hope they have overall brought glory to God and encouraged you to trust Him and grow closer to Him.