Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Killing Time

I know, it's been awhile. Since Andy and I are settleing into our apartment without internet access, I'm limited to using the public library. Which is fine, but amidst taking care of the other thing I need to do online, I haven't made time to post anything. Right now I'm actually killing some time before going to see about a job posting, so I thought I'd say hi. I also added our phone number to the national do not call registry as it seems we've been bombarded with telemarketers since moving in. I answered 3 this morning already. I hate to be rude, but I only have so much patience. I've gotten to where I want to hang up as soon as it takes 2 seconds for someone to answer me back.
Anyway, still haven't posted wedding pictures I know, no promises about when, I'm kind of a klutz about it. Maybe if I get bored again in the next week I'll try. Thankfully Andy has the next 2 days off, so today is our "Friday". It's amazing how much I miss him when he's at work. I definitely need to get a job.
On another note, I think our neighbors finally moved out. They had only moved in about 2 days before Andy came up for the wedding, but it's been a disaster ever since we've been back. I think they were finally evicted. As I left to come here, I got a glance inside that apartment, and I have to say it's much brighter and more open than ours. I'm almost tempted to move. But then there's reprinting checks and moving our phone line, ugh...
I think I'll stay content with a windowless living room.
Well, it's time to quit killing time. Until next time, I'm still getting used to my last name.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Real Life Now Begins

And so it's over. The wedding was beautiful and wonderful, everything I had hoped for. And as we finally drove away after a few mishaps and me being confused about the cars, the best part was I was leaving WITH Andy, not having to say good-bye again. We had a wonderful honeymoon up on the North Shore, full of love and laughter.
We came back to my parents' house last night to look over hundreds of photos and open what felt like hundreds of gifts and cards. Thank you to you all! It was so wonderful.
And so, today we're packing up two vehicles trying to make everything fit to take home. And I'm ready to go home, to my new home with my husband. It's kind of weird knowing I have a new last name, but it's wonderful to have Andy's last name. And like I said, it's so comforting knowing I don't have to say good-bye to him for so long anymore.
So now it's on to home and real life. It's very daunting to me right now, but I know with the Lord's help we'll make it.
To all of you who were at the wedding, thank you for making the day beautiful and full of friends and joy. To those of you who couldn't be there, we missed you! I'll hopefully be able to post some pictures sometime soon, but we don't have internet access so it will be a little while.
Until then, Take care and laugh!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

6 days 'till W-Day

It's official, 6 days from now I'll be a married woman. Somehow it seems like getting married suddenly changes your classification. I mean, sometimes I still feel very much like a young girl, but who really says a married girl? It just doesn't sound right. It's like marriage suddenly makes you a woman, although I know lots of women that I consider well a woman that aren't married. But I digress, because I'm rambling.

The important thing is, it's only 6 days until Wedding Day!

I got a call this afternoon from Bethany & Christa (friends from Pillsbury) and it was great to hear from them. Some days Pillsbury seems like so long ago, even though I was there only a little over 4 weeks ago. I've been emailing Val of course, but hadn't heard from anyone else, so that was really neat to hear from them.

I was getting pretty stressed out about the wedding a couple days ago, then I realized that's dumb, I'm going to be married at the end no matter what happens, so basically told myself to chill out and appreciate the man I'm marrying. And I do, it seems like a dream that I get to finally marry the man I love with all that I have. Andy is amazing, I could never have imagined such a huge blessing of a man in my life. Huge blessing, not a huge man that is.

Jenn & Christi have been huge helps the last few weeks with wedding stuff. They've continually reminded of things to do and brought up stuff I haven't thought of. Let alone the physical grunt work they've put in. So many people have helped in so many ways, it's such a blessing to me and Andy both.

Speaking of the man, I miss him! I haven't seen him since Tuesday morning and won't see him until Wednesday night. But then it's only a couple of days of craziness and he'll be my husband. Wow, in less than a week I'll be a Mrs., belonging to my husband. That's definitely a God-thing. It's so neat to think that a year ago May 31st I wrote an entry entitled "Where will May find us?" How was I to know that the next May would find me so close to my wedding day to such an amazing man of God. God truly knows what we need perfectly and gives abundantly above all I could ask or think.

I'm guessing this will be my last post until after the wedding, unless I feel the need to be poetic or long-winded. I'll try to post pictures of the wedding after we get settled into the apartment, but no promises. It'll be kind of weird having to go to the public library for all my internet needs, but probably a good thing. I'm very much looking forward to settling into my new home as Andy's wife. That's definitely a God-thing.
So take care and I hope to see some of you at the wedding.