Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Never Say _____ Well You Know How It Goes

Okay, so I should never say I'm content. Turns out we are moving apartments, right across the hall. That apartment does have more windows and is more open, so moving it is. So more painting in the Newlywed's future. Thankfully I hadn't gotten around to painting the kitchen yet. The bathroom isn't quite as nice, but that's okay, the living room windows will make it worth it. Plus one of the walls in the bedroom is Red, so who can pass that up? :-)

In other news, I know for now why I hadn't gotten a job yet. My Grandma on my dad's side passed away last Wednesday, so Andy and I made a very fast trip to my parents' house for the weekend and funeral. We did get to see Anne & Dietrich and some other friends, so that was the bright note. I will miss her so much though. We lived on the same property and then in the same house as my Grandma my entire life until she went in the nursing home 3 years ago, so that's a while childhood of being close. It was so hard to lose her. She was a Christian, and only wanted everyone else to believe on her Lord Jesus Christ, so we know for sure she's at home in heaven, and all she wanted was to see Grandpa again with her Savior, but it was still hard.
It touched me so much how her letter to her family that she wrote years ago only wanted for all of them to know Jesus and receive Him as Savior. What a legacy I've been left, and I know I owe my salvation to the testimony of that lady and my parents.

I miss you Grandma.