Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why You Should Get Married (And Why I Did)

So a while back I promised to post a list of great reasons to get married. After much thought and some whims, here it is. Valerie, take note and start counting the days! Some will think this list is just so cute because we're newlyweds. But I firmly believe after watching my parents for 26 years, Andy's being married 36, and watching many other couples that you can be more in love everyday. I plan on spending the rest of my life falling more in love with my husband and learning more about him everyday. Marriage is hard work, but it's so worth it.
So here are your reasons to get married. They range from practical to romantic to wonderful.
They are in no particular order:

~There's 2 of you to do dishes now!
~Somebody else can hit the snooze.
~2 paychecks. (and twice the bills) :-)
~Snowball fights are more fun, so are the kisses afterwards.
~You can kiss whenever and wherever and for however long.
~Snuggles galore.
~Somebody tall to reach the tall cupboards.
~A handy husband to change your oil and fix your car.
~Someone to scrape your windshield for you.
~Someone willing to walk in the first snowfall of the season even though it's 11pm.
~Someone to do laundry with.
~A Best Friend who doesn't care how gross you are.
~Someone period. A Friend who's always there or will be soon.
~You can make each other laugh like no one else.
~Inside jokes that no one else gets.
~A Safe Haven for all your mistakes.
~Cutting down your first Christmas tree together.
~Knowing that even when you fight each other, you would fight for each other in a heartbeat.
~Making up after the fight. ;-)
~A combined family, more people to love.
~Falling in love forever with your best friend.
~Facing the world together as one.
~Getting mail addressed to "Mr. And Mrs."
~Being able to grow in Christ together.
~Teaching each other new things everyday.
~Have I mentioned lots of hugs and kisses?
~Having someone put their arm around you in church.
~Belonging to Him forever!
~Coming home to find the dishes done.
~Making dinner for 2.
~Having steak one night and mac & cheese the next, and it's okay with him.
~Someone to watch MacGyver & KnightRider with, and not tease you about it!
~Having 2 toothbrushes in the holder.
~Someone to keep you warm at night.
~Someone to warm up your cold feet, even under protest.
~Having someone who knows you well enough to buy you Christmas socks and Bath Salts.
~Marrying an incredibly sensitive man who actually wants to listen.
~Having a guy who is the first to suggest driving around just to look at Christmas lights.
~Having him ask you to dance in the dark to your "new" old Christmas records.
~Having a scruffy face to rub and kiss.
~Romantic canoe rides on your honeymoon, while being attacked by bugs.
~Snow Angels that hold hands.
~Catching bigger fish than him!
~Cross country skiing with the one you love.
~Someone who thinks you're beautiful, cute, hot, and sexy all at once.
~Giving yourself physically to one person forever.
~Unconditional acceptance.
~Being love and loving in return.
~Agape love, unconditional.
~Knowing you'll never leave each other.
~Forgiveness, always.
~Knowing that this is only the beginning, Forever is waiting.
~One day at a time, you fight today, make up today, and tomorrow is another chance.
~Feeling God smile on this blessed union that He has forordained and blessed.
And Finally, possibly my favorite thing about being married is:
~Someone to go to sleep cuddled up with and wake up together with everyday for forever.

I've left out some things and I'm sure I've forgot some things that I might add later, but this gives you a taste of the little things that make up married life. It's not all romance and laughs, it's really, really hard work. But oh it's so worth it. I've made a sort of one-sided list, things that my beloved Andy gives to me, when marriage is really about giving and serving each other. Not just Andy giving to me, but us giving to and serving each other 100%. I fail so often at this, but I have an amazing husband who is committed forever and lets me try and try again. I can't get it right, but with God's grace, I'll keep trying.
So get married! :-) Everyone needs to follow God's timing and design for their lives, but if you're willing to committ to a marriage based in Him and to forever with each other, you'll have the chance to be part of the best thing you'll ever experience.
Andy and I got married for forever, divorce was and is never an option. Times can be hard and stressful, but we're committed to God and each other. He gives the joy and blessings along with the trials and hardships. We have God and each other.
I encourage you to view marriage the same way. Only God can keep it sacred.
So here's to love and forgiveness, laughter and tears, grace and mercy, a God who loves us. For only He and these can make a marriage what it is. A beautiful picture of God's love for His Son and us. May yours be a blessed one.