Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 Months Old!!

So I'm a little late, (What else is new?) but Levi turned 3 months old on March 18, 2010.

I really should write more things down about what he does, so I'm going to try to blog here on out about every month .

Levi, you are 3 months old.
You smile big smiles and have two cute dimples in your upper lip. You've just started getting excited about things you see and going "oh, oh, ohhh".
You're quite the talker and squirmer. Unless you're sleeping you don't sit still much. Even then you can kick your covers off no problem!
You like looking at Dexter a lot, I think it's the black and white contrast.
You can laugh a little, it's so cute!
You weigh over 12 pounds and are growing like crazy! You wear 0-3 and 3 month clothes and will probably be out of them faster than I can imagine!
You love being with Momma but you're definitely a Daddy's boy. You guys have your own personal conversations when Daddy changes you. And you look like your Daddy! You have a adorable little half-smirk that is just like your Daddy's! And when you're snuggling together, Momma just laughs over how much you look alike!
You're fascinated looking at lights and toys and sunshine.
You throw your arms around so much that without little mittens you have quite the scratched up face!
You're sooo strong! You can hold your head up very well and when held up you push so hard with your legs that you push yourself up! Such a big boy!! You're "only" 7 weeks old adjusted/developmentally but you're crashing through that stereotype. You're very strong and are meeting many of the actual developmental stages.
You went for your first few walks outside in your stroller with Momma, Daddy, and your puppy.
You're sleeping about 3-5 hours the first time you go to bed at night and then wake up every 3 or so hours after that to eat. You're a hungry boy!!
When you wake up in the morning you're very happy and can sometimes just lay there and talk to yourself and your fish/water toy. You're all smiles when Momma comes to get you!
When you're laying on your tummy you can push yourself up a little! You also try to roll onto your side. I think you'll be rolling over before we're ready!
You're such a blessing and it's so fun to see you growing up! Daddy can't wait to take you for your first bike ride! We love you Levi!